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CBD Capsules | 24mg CBD per capsule | Provacan

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  • Tasteless, easy to swallow
  • pre-measured for consistency
  • 24mg CBD per capsule
  • 30 caps per pot
  • perfect for travelling

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Provacan CBD Capsules were designed to provide an alternative to CBD oil in terms of perfect measures. One capsule contains 24mg full-spectrum extract. The formula used to make these capsules is exactly the same, as used in Provacan CBD oil –  saturated with a host of naturally-occurring phytochemicals aside from the cannabidiol component.

Capsules provide an easier, faster and more enjoyable way of ingesting CBD if you didn’t particularly liked measuring your CBD oil in the morning and disliked the taste of terpenes.



So what’s the difference between capsules and oral oils tinctures? Why might you want to choose one over the other?

In a word, it comes down to convenience. Oil tinctures can be cumbersome to consume, especially if you are trying to measure out an accurate milligram serving size. You must count the number of oil drops you are placing below the tongue, and then hold for up to 90 seconds while the cannabidiol absorbs into your body’s cells.

CBD capsules are much more convenient. Simply place one of the pre-measured and pre-formulated capsules in your mouth, take a sip of something, and swallow. Quick and easy, and you know exactly how much CBD you’re getting each and every time.

  • Enhanced ease-of-use compared to standard CBD oils
  • Tasteless, convenient, and pre-measured for consistency
  • Sourced from pure, organic, EU-cultivated Cannabis sativa (hemp)



Provacan is a very respectable and meaningful company and everything they do, they do to improve peoples lives.  Each and every product they offer has been crafted with a specific use – and a specific purpose – in mind.

In the specific case of Provacan CBD Capsules, the aim was primarily ease-of-consumption — as mentioned previously. These are pre-measured at 24mg per capsule, and offer a total of 720mg CBD for an entire bottle. Depending on how much you consume daily, this could translate to a month’s (or more) supply of quality CBD use.

** PROVACAN CBD CAPSULES CONTAIN LESS THAN 0.05% THC (images are for illustration purposes only)**

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Dimensions 5 × 4 × 15 cm

Use Daily. Take 1-2 capsules on an empty stomach or 30 min before meal.

Do not exceed 200mg a day ( 8 caps a day).


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