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My mum, stress at work and CBD oil

By July 30, 2022August 4th, 2022No Comments
cbd for stress at work

CBD oil and stress at work

Our mums are very special. They gave us birth, they raised us, and they dealt with all the problems we have created or encountered during our adolescent times. Mums are like a strong army, like a powerful workforce, working tirelessly and without complaints, rising us to be good human beings and responsible adults.  They deserve what’s best and we are trying to provide for them.

I live far away from my mum, but I call her on Skype religiously every Saturday or Sunday morning for a coffee and a girly chat.  Recently mum has complained about work-related stress and anxiety. She has confessed that she is struggling on daily basis to deal with stress at her workplace and it’s breaking my heart to hear this. I can not do anything about it, I can only listen to her and support her mentally.

My mum works as a social worker, she helps homeless people to get a shelter and helps them get back on track.

Mum has said that she is very stressed at work due to some colleagues that are challenging her on every step she takes.  I need to mention that she’s relatively new at work ( 6 months in) and it will be desirable that people make new starters welcomed…. ermmm not everywhere. Mother has phoned me numerous times crying, being sad and helpless. She said she can not sleep because of the anxiety of going to work and being mobbed! She has started to look for sleeping problems solutions.

Mother is a very outgoing, bubbly, hardworking person that loves life and people, so it kills me that she spends 1/3 of her life in a place she doesn’t feel happy.  She knows that she might not be everyone’s cup of tea and that she can not simply please everyone. She has tried different ways of dealing with the problem: an open conversation, a chat with her boss, a talk with her colleagues, but the support is not there. I am sure you felt that way at some point in your life, at the workplace or elsewhere. It’s not nice to feel alone, overworked and pushed away by people that should be on your side, on your team. She has started exerting work-related stress symptoms like fatigue, muscular tension, headaches and sleeping difficulties.

I also felt helpless. Besides our regular Skype conversations that were/ are a form of therapy for my mum, where she can have a ‘verbal diarrhoea’ without judgement, I have recommended my mum to take CBD for stress and anxiety.

Why CBD for stress and anxiety? Because it has been tried and tested.

I work for a CBD company and have tried CBD products myself. I have tried Silver Seal 2000mg CBD for my back pain and anxiety and it worked miracles for me. I have suggested without hesitation that mum needs to try CBD as well.… and she did! Mum wasn’t pro-cannabis anything, so I thought she must be desperate. I’ve sent her LV Well CBD Raw 3000mg.

First, she tried a few CBD drops at night when she was tossing and turning in bed and trying to sleep. She goes to bed around 10.30 pm, but she couldn’t fall asleep for hours every day.  She said she was amazed by CBD.  It took her 30mins to an hour to fall asleep and now she takes CBD every night, just 5 drops.

She also takes 15mg CBD capsules at work, once a day. She said she feels a lot more relaxed and pretty much doesn’t give a damn about the person that is mobbing her at work! Winner! She even said that the mobber ( is it even a word? ) was a bit surprised when she didn’t react to her poking and mobbing her. Winner again.  Maybe this person will eventually stop being nasty to my mum if she sees mum is not responding anymore? I genuinely hope that.

If CBD has helped my mum, maybe it can help you or someone you know that has a similar problem. It’s worth trying. You can not lose much, but you can gain a lot more: a relaxed mum or dad or relative that has more energy and a positive attitude and is not afraid to stand up to everyday life challenges. There is a significant amount of research dedicated to CBD and stress with already very promising findings. My mum is also living proof that CBD helps work-related stress and anxiety.

Thank you very much for reading my mum’s story. If you know someone in a similar situation, do not hesitate to suggest to them our CBD products here.

Try CBD Oil and forget stress at work.