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full-spectrum cbd or isolate


Full-spectrum CBD or Isolate –  have you ever wondered what is the difference between them? Are you considering taking cannabidiol (CBD) or another rising star molecule from the cannabis plant such as Cannabigerol (CBG) to see if it eases pain and relieves your anxiety? Maybe you are getting confused by the different types of CBD products (full, broad-spectrum) or what the entourage effect actually means? When reading the CBD product labels, are you wondering what some of the words written mean – such as ‘’terpenes’’? Have you ever considered that you do not have to consume CBD orally and that you could go for an ointment such as CBD salve instead?

You may be new to CBD or just want another source of information, if yes, this article is to provide you with what you need to know about CBD.



Full-spectrum CBD is made of the full range of cannabinoids as opposed to part of it. When producing the CBD product, all the cannabinoids that naturally occur in the cannabis plant were extracted and used in the making of the consumable product. Full-spectrum CBD will specifically benefit users who want some trace amounts of THC in their extract – a negligible amount of 0.3%, which along with all the other CBD molecules amplify the health benefits of each individual cannabinoid, creating an entourage effect. Full-spectrum CBD is widely credited for its healing properties and in helping to treat mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression as well as physical conditions such as muscle pain, migraines and more.

The risk of a false positive during a drug test is likely in part because of the trace amount of THC, and even more so if high doses of CBD oil are consumed daily. To address this concern, users can use Broad Spectrum CBD.



Broad-spectrum CBD contains a range of cannabinoids, except THC. Ultimately, the CBD molecules still support an entourage effect where the users benefit from the interaction of the CBD oil molecules in their system and this with no consumption of THC.

So if for a variety of reasons, you prefer not to consume THC, as such you do not want to test a false positive or you are especially sensitive to THC, Broad-Spectrum CBD is an option. The other option is CBD Isolate.



CBD Isolate contains pure, isolated CBD compound. There is no extract of other cannabinoids, THC, terpenes or flavonoids. 

The process to extract only CBD molecules is more elaborated than in full and broad-spectrum CBD compounds. This is because once all the cannabinoids and terpenes are extracted from the plant, extra steps are taken to isolate CBD. It makes CBD isolate harder to make. For those who do not want to ingest THC, the product does not contain any.

CBD isolate can be used for anxiety as well as pain and inflammation relief. It has also been demonstrated to have antiseizure effects. It may also alleviate cancer symptoms and side effects of cancer treatment. You can use CBD isolate to top up your existing CBD oil by adding a small amount to it or you just place it under the tongue and hold for 90sec, just like you would with oil. Now, knowing the difference between Full Spectrum CBD or Isolate you can make a more informed choice about your product and needs.



Terpenes (aka terpenoids) are vital constituents of essential oils for many plants and flowers from the resinous family. Terpenes are responsible for the plant’s flavour and aromas. While the scent may help in deterring plant-eating insects and animals, in humans, terpenes have proven health properties including stress-relief and anti-inflammation. Smelling the fragrances secreted by terpenes activates a communication with receptors in our nervous and endocrine systems (hormones). When our own factory system activates the receptors in the limbic system of our brains which include the amygdala, hippocampus, and hypothalamus, our emotions, reactions, the way we regulate stress and recall memories are influenced.

In cannabis, the terpene named Myrcene is known to influence our endocrine system by producing a feeling of relaxation as well as relieving stress. At a psychological level, it is also proven that appreciating a smell or disliking it have positive or negative shifts in mood. Terpene can be found in the full and broad-spectrum CBD. When cannabinoids and terpenes work together, the entourage effect is even more effective.



The Entourage effect is produced through the consumption of cannabinoid compounds with terpenes. The theory says that by taking all the compounds together, it works better than taken separately. Several studies demonstrated, as such, that terpenes support an easier passage of THC and CBD into the bloodstream. Some studies also have shown that CBD may help in reducing THC side effects such as anxiety or hunger. The entourage effect is also said to provide additional therapeutic benefits in dealing with ailments such as pain, inflammation, anxiety, cancer, epilepsy and more.

Full-spectrum CBD which has all the major compounds (CBD, THC) will advance the entourage effects, as compared to CBD isolate and broad-spectrum. Try our Entourage CBD Oil from LOVE CBD to see how it works for yourself!



CBD salve is an ointment for physical application on your body. You can apply it topically, and target only affected areas. CBD salves are usually full of natural ingredients like cannabis oil, coconut oil, beeswax and more. Salves can help with reducing pain, with muscle recovery or with skin conditions. 

CBD salve differs in its application to CBD capsule or oil which are taken orally. Salves are topical which means that you need to apply the product on the specific place on your skin you want to treat. The trick is to identify the area and rub enough product to cover the affected area in its entirety. What will happen next is that the skin will absorb the CBD salve slowly. When the absorption of the CBD salve into the skin is complete, you may feel a physical warming and moisturising sensation due to the oil.  Each CBD salve brand may provide additional effects because they have added different ingredients, herbs and spices for additional sensations. 

CBD salve is easy to use on the go. It is discreet as no one will notice that you are taking a CBD product when applying it. It also provides great sensory experiences with its beautiful smells from the additional herbs, spices and ingredients commonly found in salves. We recommend trying this product.


Cannabigerol (CBG) is a molecule compound found in the cannabis plant. CBG is recognised to have same health properties to cannabinoid (CBD) and early research has linked the molecule with decreasing inflammation, relieving pain, slowing cancer proliferation and having neuroprotective effects by combatting Huntington’s disease.

The main differences between CBG and CBD is that the CBG molecule interacts directly with the cannabinoid receptors in the brain (Cb1 & CB2). CBD, on the other hand, has only an indirect interaction, hence the effects of CBG are enhanced as our nervous and endocrine systems are directly engaged. Further, CBG has positive buffering effects on the psychoactive characteristics of THC. If you consume high doses of THC and have sensation and feelings of paranoia, CBG can help with this. 

With so many qualities, you must be wondering why CBG is not as popular as CBD.

The reason is that the molecule in the plant is not as abundant as cannabidiol (CBD) with a percentage below 1 by weight. It is far easier to extract CBD and achieve similar health outcomes. The great news is that scientists found the optimum extraction window to achieve the production of higher amounts of CBG. So hopefully soon, we will have even more CBG products available for purchase with added benefits.



Now you know more about the different types of CBD, the entourage effect, terpenes as an active component, CBD salve as an alternative to oral CBD product for local application and what is the difference with CBG and CBD. You will also be able to decide between full-spectrum CBD or isolate. Remember, whatever you choose to purchase to help you with your conditions, always start with a small amount to see how you respond and then increase the amount gradually. Always consult your doctor if you have any doubts.