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Welcome to CBD Oil Supplies UK – online marketplace for best brands of CBD oils and products in the UK. Having favourite brands in one place makes shopping a convenient way to get your daily dose of CBDs!


We’re very passionate about CBD products because they are simply natural, sustainable, effective and environmentally friendly.

Our online marketplace is run by two very good friends Zosia and Marianna who have turned their passion for natural remedies into a shop that is passionate about you! We both have used CBD oils for our own reasons, but we’re not allowed to discuss the CBD benefits here.

We have always believed in the power of the Cannabis plant. Now finally people can fully benefit from this versatile plant that already once was in our diets and lifestyles. We can again restore the balance between humans and nature and bring out all the good that this plant has! CBD oils and products are only one of the uses of cannabis and we’re ecstatic to be delivering them to the lovers of natural remedies, those who say they tried everything and those who are intending to try something new!


We choose our products based on customer research, product ratings, awards, personal statements and constant study of new products on the market.  Our suppliers are compliant with MHRA and FSA food standards. It is also anticipated that they (if applicable) are a member of the CTA – Cannabis Trade Association. This guarantees suppliers have undergone strict regulations and their products are true of best quality and that information/ lab results provided are accurate and up to date.


At CBD Oil Supplies we are thinking holistically and sustainably about our products and our planet. We believe that cannabis has many applications today that are legal, sustainable and beneficial for humans and the environment. Besides oils you can reuse a whole plant for other purposes like making textiles and ropes, bio composts and bioplastics that are 10 x stronger than metal, paper, cardboard. Growing cannabis on an industrial scale significantly helps soil restoration.  We will promote the plants uses until its decriminalised and after that – till the day we die!


CBD Oil Supplies does not make any medical claims about the products we sell, nor we sell any products that violate the United Kingdom Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. Testimonials are independent views of our customers and are not to be taken as a recommendation or advice. For the latter sick help of your local GP.